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Company Culture

The company relies on the "people-oriented" management philosophy, "first-class quality, first-class service" policy, "quality for survival, quality for development" as the corporate purpose; "efficient, pragmatic, pioneering, and innovative" as the corporate spirit.
"Honesty" is the foundation of an enterprise, and honesty is the foundation of the company's production and business; in the fierce market competition, human resources are the foundation for the survival and development of today's enterprises; therefore, we insists on "honesty first " business philosophy, adhere to the "people-oriented" management policy, establish and improve various corporate rules and regulations, be diligent in management, actively guide employees to abide by the law, encourage employees to love labor, strive for development for the enterprise, and strive to contribute to the society , To create more income for itself, the company can develop rapidly; for more than ten years, the company has not had a major economic dispute with customers, and has achieved "contract-honoring and trustworthy" for many consecutive years. It has been rated as an honest enterprise in Shaoxing City and an honest enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It has been rated as "AAA" credit unit for many years.
While focusing on corporate economic benefits, the company pays more attention to social and environmental benefits, and implements environmental protection measures. Under the guidance of ISO14001 environmental system documents, the company adopts various methods and means, invests a lot of funds to transform outdated equipment, and saves electricity and steam. , Water-saving work, since the factory was built and put into production, there has been no environmental accident.
In order to reduce labor disputes and enhance the cohesion of the company with employees, the company actively pays social insurance for employees. Up to now, the company’s employees’ social insurance participation rate has reached 90%, and strictly enforces labor laws and regulations, and pays employees’ wages on time and in full , Actively provide jobs to the society, in order to harmonious labor relations and maintain social stability, enterprises have made their due social responsibilities and obligations.
We will continue to pursue, continue to innovate, be brave to accept criticism, use wisdom, diligence and innovation to strive for progress, always strive for the first, and constantly strive for excellence, to create a profound corporate culture of the company and create high-quality products and services for the company. Create and achieve good economic, environmental and social benefits for the company, and keep making progress to create a century-old enterprise.



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